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What can I expect

At Angel Eyes Professional Photography, we like to schedule separate times for sessions and times to view and order images.  We do this as the photo session can take an hour or more, and be quite draining, especially for kids, plus this gives us a chance to show you what the final version of your images will look like.

There’s more to a session than just taking photos, your final product involves post production and taking the time to make your images perfect!  Once we’ve made this appointment, we confirm the style, backgrounds and combinations you would like and then head into our studio. Please make sure you’re all ready to go when you arrive, so we can get started as soon as we can!

Our collections start from $749, but payment is not required until after you view and select your images.  The control of purchasing is in your hands, as you are not obligated to purchase a collection. This gives you the option to purchase individual images based on what you like or bundle them into a collection for a discounted rate.

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