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Invest in you

We provide an incomparable body love experience.  You'll not only have an amazing experience in the studio but you'll absolutely love your photos and walk out feeling like a new person.

How much does a session cost?

​​Dramatic light sports portraiture - $299

Bring your attitude and sass to this session as you pose in your sports uniforms with any sporting props you have.  We will use a range of lighting set ups to create an epic mood which will match the poses we put you in.  At the end, you will have some professional sports star quality images to put in albums or on the wall.

Glamour Portrait session - $450

Tasteful and elegant feminine portraits for women of all ages, shapes and sizes!  What you will receive from the session is...

  • Hair, makeup, lashes (fully professional hair and makeup artist)

  • Posing assistance (We will instruct and demonstrate every pose)

  • Pampering (snacks, bubbly and music.  Did we mention hair and makeup too?)

  • Laughter (lots of fun and laughs are guaranteed in our sessions)

  • A day that is ALL about YOU!

What are the costs after the session?

Our collections are designed to give you images and products together at a discounted price.  They range from $999 to $13,000.

To make it easier on you, we offer payment plans for all of our collections so that you can have all the images and products you want and be able to pay them off comfortably.

Payment plans

We have several payment plan options allowing you to feel beautiful now and pay later.

  • We accept cash and credit card (Visa & Mastercard).

  • Receive your images and products right away and pay them off with our finance options.

  • Pay your images off and then receive them once paid in full with our in house payment plan.

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